Truly, Madly by Heather Webber

Lucy Valentine has avoided joining her family’s matchmaking business…until now. When her father has a heart attack while in a hotel room with someone other than Lucy’s mother, he takes a vacation and puts Lucy in charge. The only problem is that Lucy doesn’t have the family’s matchmaking secret, the ability to read auras. However, she can find lost items just by touching their owners, which turns out to be more helpful to the matchmaking business than she thought. When she “sees” a lost engagement ring on the finger of a corpse, she enlists the help of the sexy private eye upstairs to help her solve the perfect crime.

This was a light, fluffy, and thoroughly enjoyable book. My only quibbles are that the “sexy detective’s” dialog seemed a little stilted and the solution to the mystery was obvious to me about halfway through the book. On the plus side, Lucy is a great character and I love her best friends, her needy cat, and her larger than life relatives. I bought the next two books in the series for my Nook and expect them to be just as fun.

Recommended for fans of Eileen Rendahl’s Messenger series (I’m currently reading book 2, Dead on Delivery) and Sarah Addison Allen.


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