The Last Time I Saw You by Elizabeth Berg

My 25th high school reunion was held last September. Because I’m local, I volunteered to be on the planning committee. During that process (and during the reunion itself), I got to know several people who I didn’t know well (or at all, in one case) while we were in high school. I discovered that we have a lot more in common now, and are more tolerant of our differences, than we were then. Getting to know them better has made my life richer and much more fun.

This book, particularly the second half, does a wonderful job of capturing that experience. Although I’m younger than the characters in the book, I’m far enough away from high school to have had the same feelings about my classmates as several of the main characters. I most identified with Mary Alice and Lester, but could see my classmates in Candy, Pete, and Dorothy.

To my fellow Champaign Central Class of 1985 classmates: I love you guys! Go Maroons!


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