Don’t Kill the Messenger by Eileen Rendahl

Melina Markowitz is a Messenger, a go-between for paranormal forces and supernatural creatures. Problem is, when a girl’s a go-between, it’s hard not to get caught in the middle. When ninjas steal an envelope from Melina, her search leads her to a Taoist temple in Old Sacramento, where the priests seem to practice Zen and the art of mayhem. Melina learns from the handsome ER doctor (and vampire) who gave her the envelope that it contained talismans created by the priests to control Chinese vampires, who are attacking gang members to spark a street war. Add a cop who looks like a surfer dude and smells like snickerdoodles and things really start to heat up.

I loved this book (although the Chinese vampires gave me bad dreams when I read it before bed). I’ve read Rendahl’s chick lit titles, which include Do Me, Do My Roots and Balancing in High Heels and thought they were a lot of fun, but really wondered how she’d do with urban fantasy. I wasn’t disappointed. Melina is very likeable, as are the supernatural types she hangs out with. Ted, the surfer dude cop, is hunky and protective in a good way. And some of her asides and descriptions are laugh-out-loud funny.

I recommend this for those who love Harry Dresden and Sookie Stackhouse as much as I do. I hope this is the first book in a long, successful series.


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