The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen

After her mother dies, Emily Benedict moves to Mullaby, NC to live with her grandfather and hopes to find answers to some questions, like “Why did her mother leave and vow not to return?” and “Why didn’t she ever talk about her life in Mullaby?” When Emily meets her grandfather, a reclusive, real-life giant (he’s eight feet tall) and moves in with him, she finds more mysteries, like the wallpaper in her room that changes with her mood and the mysterious Mullaby Lights that appear in the woods behind the house on moonlit nights.

Although the description of the book sounds like it’s leans toward the gothic, it’s really the complete opposite. Allen has created a wonderful fairy tale, complete with two love stories, a gentle giant, and a hero whose weakness is cake. I loved this book for it’s whimsy and gentleness, as well as for the growth of the characters. Sarah Addison Allen is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.